What is a Life Coach?

Don’t be fooled. Just because someone calls themselves a Life Coach doesn’t mean they’ve actually earned the title. I’m going to share what makes someone a real, honest-to-goodness Life Coach, and also make sure you’re aware of the distinctions between coaching, therapy, consulting, and a whole lot more. Sadly, most people don’t know the differences, and they waste their money on the wrong type of support. This video will help you be fool-proof!


"It was the best thing that I could have done for myself. The tools that I was learning changed my life forever. I took action and I learned these tools.

I helped not only to change my life, but I changed my husband's life, and I'm changing my children's lives.

if you would like to impact your life and have that effect on your family, and your children, and your extended family and friends, then the Fearless Living Life Coach Certification Program is for you."

Kelly Fox, CFLC, CFT

Graduate of Fearless Living "Life Coach Certification Program"