Are you meant to be a life coach?

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00:00:31 Hi, Rhonda Britten from Master Coach Mindset, the special holiday edition. Today is December 31st, the end of a year and the beginning of the next. I am so excited for New Year’s Eve every year because it allows me time to reflect. I know as I get older the years go faster, and faster, and faster, and faster.

00:00:50                     It can be so easy to have regrets and frustrations and overwhelm, and stress, and resentment at the end of the year. What I invite us to do instead is to really look back at the last year and look for miracles, look for a place to acknowledge ourselves and look for the ways in which we’ve grown.

00:01:08                     I know, for me, at the end of every year, I write down a hundred acknowledgments, yes, a hundred acknowledgments. I find a hundred places where I took stretches, where I risked, and where, yes, I almost felt like I was going to die, and I did it anyway, regardless of how my feelings were telling me, “No, no, no,” or my thoughts were saying, “You can’t do that, Rhonda,” or whatever was going on inside me.

00:01:33                     I knew that when I was living in freedom, when I was being fearless, I knew what to do, and I trusted myself, and so I give myself credit at the end of every year for all those moments, no matter how little, no matter how short they were. I give myself credit for those times because when I do that, I can walk into the next year, ready, empowered and powerful and confident, and know that whatever happens next year, I can be the best person I can be even more. That’s my commitment.

00:02:04                     Let’s focus together on what your intention is going to be for the next year. You’ve had, maybe, an intention for this past year, maybe, maybe not. Maybe you haphazardly had one, or maybe you didn’t think about it at all. Maybe you’re just going day-to-day. Well, it’s time to end that day-to-day thinking. Instead, we’re going to focus on intentions. One of the first things I want you to do is do your hundred acknowledgments. I acknowledgment myself for, and again, any stretch, risk, or die that you took in the last 12 months.

00:02:32                     The second thing I want you to do is write an intention statement for the next year. What is your intention? Now, intentions are not goals. Goals are, I want to make a million dollars, or a goal is like I want to get married, right? A goal is something to attain. An intention is how you want to live. Your intention could be something like I am willing to practice loving myself and others. I’m willing to practicing the best in myself and others. I am willing to say yes to my heart’s desire, or some sort of intention that is going to help you make decisions.

00:03:07                     That’s really what an intention is, is to help guide you throughout the year to help you make the best decisions for you, not in the moment-by-moment decisions, i.e., when you feel pressured and like, “Oh, I better do it.” No, we don’t want to do any “shoulds,” or “I better,” or “else” decisions in the next year. Instead, we want to stay true to our intention because I’m knowing, at the end of next year, one year from today, if you stay true to your intention, you’re going to have a life filled with more meaning, more significance, more connection, more love, more self-acceptance, and yes, more joy.

00:03:40                     I just want to review the two things we’ve gone over so far because it is New Year’s Eve. Number one, a hundred acknowledgments. Take the time to do that today, and if you get to 20, great. Continue it for the rest of the week. Now, I know many of my clients stop at 30 or 40, and they think, “That’s all I did this year.” I always say to them, “You can get to a hundred.” I ask you to do the same.

00:04:03                     Second thing I discussed is an intention statement. What is your intention for the next year? What do you want your year to be about? How do you want to do grow? What do you need to become more of, more true to yourself in order to live the life your soul intended? Again, hundred acknowledgments, two, your intention.

00:04:23                     Third, third thing I want you to focus on this next … I should say, this day is I want you just to allow yourself to feel the love coming at you. Feel all the people who have loved you all year long whether it was just for a moment, whether it was for a week, whether it was with somebody you care about and love, but maybe you’re not in a relationship with them anymore. I just want you to take a minute to just feel all those moments of love.

00:04:52                     Let’s do it together, shall we? Let’s just close our eyes, and I want you to just think of one moment where you felt accepted or loved or connected, whatever that word is for you, accepted, loved, maybe seen. I want you to come up with that person or that moment. Maybe you’re by yourself, or maybe you’re with others, that you really felt connect to yourself, connected to someone else, feeling loved, accepted.

00:05:31                     I just want you to breathe in that love. I want you to imagine that love is flooding every cell of your being, and that love, that acceptance, that respect, again, whatever that feeling you had in that, even if it lasted 30 seconds, even if it lasted a second. That is the gateway to more of that. I want you to imagine all that love, or that respect, or that acceptance, or that being seen flooding your entire being from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet.

00:06:19                     Just allow that feeling, no matter, again, how short it was, no matter how little it was, no matter how small that you think it was. I want you just to feel every cell because what I’m doing right now is I’m helping you create a cellular memory, a memory that you can recreate over and over again, as well as you’re going to be able to identify it quicker and sooner as you flood your body with this memory.

00:06:47                     There’s something called the law of attraction, right, manifestation, et cetera. I can go on what I believe and what I don’t believe about that. What I do believe is that when you have that moment of love, or that moment of acceptance, or that moment of connection, that is the gateway to have more and more of that in your life. What, sadly, most of us do is we kind of brush that aside and say, “Well, it didn’t last,” or “See, they ended up betraying me, so it wasn’t real.” I say, “No, only the love is real.” You get to decide to make that more real and make that more your quest than anything else in the New Year.

00:07:28                     I invite you to allow those moments of love, that acceptance, that being seen to flood your body, and remember that. Whenever in the next you doubt yourself, or you don’t feel loved, or you’re feeling rejected, or you feel like a failure. You can bring that memory back in and say, “Yes,” that that was real too. That was real. See, we get to decide what’s real, and I get to decide what’s real. You get to decide what’s real, and I want to decide that the moments of love, acceptance, empowerment, and power is what’s real.

00:08:00                     I want you to think about that today on New Year’s Eve. I want you to think about those moments that you did experience this year, that were real, but maybe you’ve brushed them off. I want you to bring those into your being and go, “Yes, those were the real moments, and I want more of those in the New Year. Those are the moments I’m going to concentrate on. Those are the moments I’m going to make my own,” because then you’re going to have more of them.

00:08:26                     Again, we’ve talked about a hundred acknowledgments. We’ve talked about intentions. Now, we’ve talked about flooding your being with the feeling of love, acceptance, being seen, respect, again, whatever that feeling is for you. I want you to know that’s the crux of who you really are. That is the truth. If you have that feeling every day, how would your life be different?

00:08:50                     Imagine waking up every day for the next year, and you actually activated that feeling. In bed, in the morning, before you ever opened your eyes, you just flooded yourself with that love. You flooded yourself with that acceptance. You flooded yourself with that being seen and that respect. How would you wake up that day, what would you anticipate that day, and what would you see that day?

00:09:15                     The last thing I want to share with you on New Year’s Eve is that you have a choice on how to make the next year more powerful, more impactful, just by the three things I’ve already shared with you today. I want you to imagine what you want that life to look like a year from now, so just stop for a minute and ask yourself. December 31st, one year from today, what do you want to be able to say to yourself?

00:09:42                     Now, again, I get you might have a goal like, “Well, I want to be married a year from now,” great, fine, or “A year from now, I want to be madly in love with my soulmate,” awesome, or “In a year from now, I want to be down 40 pounds,” great, or “One year from today, I want to own my own business, and I want to triple my income.” Great.

00:09:59                     Those are all great things that you want, but remember, the three things that I’ve already talked about, acknowledgment, intention, and flooding your body every day with love, are the things that are going to make sure that you’re on track and on point to make that “goal” happen. If you let the goal overtake you, I guarantee you; you’re going to be driven by ego, be driven by fear, and be driven to do things that really, aren’t really yours to do.

00:10:29                     Use the filter of acknowledgments and intention and that flooding your being with love to decide your actions, to help you make decisions, to remind you who you really are. Because one year from today, on December 31st of next year, I want you to be able to look in the mirror and say, “Wow, I love myself more. I respect myself more. I’m connected to myself more, and I am proud of more who I really am. I am more of who I really am.” I know if that comes true, you will have had a spectacular, fearless year.

00:11:05                     The question becomes, are you committed to doing just these four simple things today before New Year’s Eve? Again, maybe you don’t have time. Maybe your days are already packed jam. Maybe you’re out on vacation, but maybe in the next seven days, before we have our next connection at Master Coach Mindset, Season Three starts a week from today. Before we move into Season Three of the Making of a Coach, that’s season three of Master Coach Mindset, I invite you to focus on these four things and just stop and acknowledgment, intent, flood, and decide. What do you want to make happen in the next 365 days?

00:11:42                     You are a choice, and you have more power than you think you do. I know that to be true. So let’s make this year a year of trust, of empowerment, of confidence, and more importantly, you being you, truly being you, fearlessly. I have been so honored to share this year with you in Master Coach Mindset. I am so grateful for our time together every week, and please, share this podcast with those you love, and your colleagues and friends.

00:12:15                     As Coaches, therapists, social workers, nurses, etc., as helping professionals, we need each other. Share this podcast with those you care about that are doing what we do so that we can all live on a higher plane and be more of who we’re meant to be as we give to other. We have to help ourselves before we can help anybody else. So share this podcast, and I so look forward to seeing you in the New Year. I look forward to seeing you again in Season Three: The Making of a Coach.

Until then, Happy New Year, and Be Fearless.