Hi!  My name is Terry Sayre and I have been coaching for over forty years as a teacher and a coach.  Recently, I have been certified as a Fearless Living Coach and have enjoyed a new realm of influence in my life.

I was first introduced to Fearless Living through my daughter who became a Fearless Living Coach and invited me to her graduation.

At that time, I met Rhonda Britten and other Fearless Living Associates and just became enamored with the transformation that I saw in my daughter's life. I wanted that in my life so I began attending workshops.

As I attend those workshops I thought, "This is something I could do."

I could help others to transform their lives so that they could love themselves so that they could turn around and serve their fellow man.

So that was how I became interested in Fearless Living, and watched Rhonda on the Starting Over house, and just was amazed at the things that those women were able to do because they were being coached.

I saw that transformative power in being the person to ask the questions and to guide people to the brilliance that they hold within themselves so that they could change their lives, not through me, but through their own brilliance.  When I made the decision to become a Coach, I was attending workshops with Fearless Living so it was really the only entry point I had had into the coaching arena.

So I started asking others about their training, or just reading and looking on the Internet, and I realized that the Fearless Living Coaching Program had the same kind of rigor that I was used to in my professional educational field.

I have always been a person that loves to learn. I mean, I think that's one of my mantras "that learning is life and life is learning" so I really wanted something rigorous, something that would challenge me as a learner.

I felt like when I told my friends that I was going into this training program - that I would be doing one hundred hours of clinical coaching, that I would have a mentor that would take me through the program, and it would take me at least a year to complete the requirements - it felt like I was going to university, that I was taking an advanced program that would allow me to have the experience to really become a Coach.

So that was what attracted me to the program.

Because I saw for others it took maybe a month, or three months of Internet training or even if it was a year, there was no clinical coaching involved in the program and I felt like that's the best way to learn. It's is like student teaching.  All the student teachers that I had coached, and worked within my profession, I felt like I really had helped them.

I wanted a mentor like that as well, that was going to take me through the steps, coach me, give me feedback, help me to refine my language so that I could speak in a way that helped others to find what was in them.

That's what my mentor did to me; help me find the strength within myself, or the brilliance within myself, that I might be able to help others so that's what drew me to the Fearless Living Coaching Program rather than others that I might have enrolled in.

Terry Sayre, Certified Fearless Living Coach (CFLC) and Certified Fearless Trainer (CFT)