I'm Nancy Hellander Pung. I am a teacher and educator. And now, I train teachers and principals and kids as peer leadership coaches to empower others and it's building my relationships of trust and respect. 

Kids are going from F's to B's to A's. 

They have more self efficacy and it's raising student achievement. We have a terrible achievement gap in this country and this is helping kids build those growth mindsets, builds grit to raise student achievement.  

When I discovered the Fearless Living Training Program, the life coaching program, I learned so many skills and tools that were transferable to bring them back into our schools.  It was the training that I was missing as an educator.  So I developed a training based on what I've learned from this program to bring into schools to empower kids to step into their full potential, to empower teachers, parents, principals. If you're looking for a way to really help kids make change and empowering them from the inside out, this is a phenomenal program that you can bring back to build those relationships of trust and respect to help kids make changes from within. 

As a parent working with your kids, to the way that you listen to your kids, the way that you ask powerful questions to move your kids forward, the way that you acknowledge your kids and build that self-confidence within them, giving acknowledgements.

These are all tools that you're going to learn. "Complaining advertises your fears." What do you do when you hear your kids complaining or you hear other parents complaining. 

You're going to really learn so many skills and tools and how fear grips you and how you can step into freedom versus fear.

It's an incredible program and I can't say enough about how it's changed my life, my parenting, my teaching, and my relationship with my partner.   It's fun and transformational.  If you're resonating with anything that I'm saying, get the information and sign up for the next class. It will change your life and you will learn the skills and tools to empower not only you but it's that ripple fact.  You're going to empower everyone you come in contact with.   Nancy Hellander Pung, Certified Fearless Living Coach