Hi! My name is Katrina Thompson from Boston Massachusetts.

I'm just finishing the Phase One of the LCCP Fearless Living and coming out of the Fearless Conversations Workshop here in Minneapolis. I can't even express how much I'm grown since the beginning of this program. I've made lifetime friendships and just feel so blessed to be doing this work. 

I really can't emphasize enough the structure and the community that comes with this program. I encourage you.  If you feel called to do this work, check out what Rhonda Britten and the Fearless Living Institute has in store for you.

Just know that you are absolutely in the right place.

I feel just can't even describe coming out of this weekend the love and support and care and concern that has gone into all the different layers and levels of training. They literally guide you from step to step through the program. It's thoughtfully and carefully coordinated.  I can just say, as a new coach moving forward, I feel that I have all the support I need to be incredible, and to fulfill the life of my dreams, and my soul's purpose.  I wish you well in your search and I hope you join us for a future Fearless Living.  Namaste.  Katrina Thompson, LCCP Program Candidate