Hi!  I'm Janet Renner. My journey with Fearless Living started when while I was working out of the home.

I happened to have the TV on and I hear this voice coaching. I kind of listened to it for about two weeks and turns out it was Rhonda coaching on Starting Over.

It peaked my curiosity so I explored the website, the Fearless Living Institute website, and noticed that there was a workshop happening about two weeks later. I signed up for it. 

In the workshop, I realized - I was shocked to realize - how closed down I was and I wasn't okay with that. I didn't want to keep living like that.

The further I got into it, I realized, "Hmm.  That would be pretty interesting to add this type of coaching to my repertoire of coaching because I am swim coach. I work with kids to adults. I thought this would bring a whole new level and depth to the coaching that I do, that I was seeking. This work is never ending. And even though there's times when I feel like I don't "get" the work, as Rhonda says, "the work is always working you."

Once you start, you can never go back. 

Before joining Fearless Living, I didn't have much hope for life. I was pretty dark and it saddened me.  I didn't understand why or how to get myself out of it. When I discovered Fearless Living and made myself, encouraged myself and allowed myself to move through the program, the coaching program as well as all the workshops, it opened up a light that I could walk through. I knew that it was profound for me and life altering because it was giving me hope to be able to change my little world that I had boxed myself into. I've taken myself out of that box and it's a beautiful thing.  If you've been thinking about becoming a Coach, or it's just even touched upon your brain as a curiosity "of perhaps," I highly recommend and encourage you to seek out Fearless Living. Whether you pursue a coaching career isn't the point. The point is you're going to receive benefits beyond what you can even imagine by going through the program. It's kind of a ripple effect because it doesn't only impact you, but it impacts all your friends, and your family, and people that you come in contact with on a daily basis. That is incredibly powerful as well as freeing. To learn how to...truly feel like you're making a difference in not just other people's lives, but your own life with how you are being with other people. It's truly, truly amazing and miraculous and a lot of fun.  Janet Renner, Certified Fearless Living Coach