Sheri Petersen, Certified Fearless Living Coach

I was working in the social services for years and felt unsettled. Went to graduate school, got my Master’s Degree and was doing what I thought I wanted to do, but I was still not content. 

I longed for a career that would allow me to support people in achieving their life goals. I didn’t know what was missing, but I was on the search for it. 

Then I found Rhonda Britten’s book, “Fearless Living: Live Without Excuses and Love Without Regret” in a bookstore. This was the stuff I was looking for! 

I didn’t want just ideas and thoughts; I wanted to know how to actually change things, for myself and for the people I work with. 

I learned that Rhonda had a life coaching program, but I didn’t even know what a life coach was at the time. 

What I did know was that the work definitely resonated with me and whatever a life coach was if it meant teaching this work, I wanted to become one! 

I attended her workshops and joined the training program, and I knew that I had finally found the career I was looking for and the career I was made for. 

Am I Content? 100%!!

Sheri Petersen, Certified Fearless Living Coach (CFLC) and Certified Fearless Trainer (CFT)