Hi!  My name is Debbie Vaillancourt and I'm a Fearless Living Coach.

Back in 2005, looking from the outside in, it looked like I had a pretty good life but frankly, I was totally burned out. I had a high pressure job as an ICU trauma nurse. I was working twelve hour shifts. I had two kids in high school.  I had a husband who was stressed to the max at his job and frankly, I was just at the end of my rope. 

One day I was in the mall, I saw a book in the bookstore and it said, Change Your Life in Thirty Days. 

I was like,"Okay, thirty days. I can do that." I read that book and in the back of the book, literally on the last day when I turned the last page, there was a website FearlessLiving.org. I signed up (for a workshop) actually two days later, because I was afraid if I didn't, I would put it to one side.

I went to New York thinking, "I don't know what this is going to be like" but, lo and behold, I hung in there.

Actually, at that workshop I hired a Coach. I went home. I started working the work and, lo and behold, my whole life started to transform. I calmed down. I had less expectations about the way things should be. My husband and my kids started to notice a change.  After six months, I decided I wanted to be a Coach.  

I went into the coaching program, and the ripple effect of that, has totally transformed my life I've made so many amazing friends. I've met so many amazing people. I have a plan now for my transition out of the medical world into the coaching world. It's practical stuff.

This is what I love about Fearless Living. It's not so much, "Oh, we know you're having a rough time.  We know you're stressed."  It actually affirms that but it also gives you things that you can do. 

If your life isn't quite on track, take a chance. Come to a workshop.  Let us all support you We're all there.

Do something now. Take a chance. Sign up for a class. Go on the website. There are calls you can go on. There are books you can read. You don't have to do this alone anymore. There is support out there and I guarantee you, your life will be better.

Debbie Vaillancourt, Certified Fearless Living Coach