Hi I'm Christi and I'm a Certified Fearless Living Coach and people ask me how I came to that program. My story is a little bit different.  

I was actually going through some personal stuff with depression and anxiety and was working with a therapist. I'm an avid reader. I asked her, "Is there a book that I can read that might give me some more information, some more tools?" She said, "You know, just go to the store and see what pops out at you." So I went to the bookstore and started perusing the shelves but one book popped out really clearly to me and that was called Fearless Living by Rhonda Britten.  I knew when I saw that title - there was one copy left in the bookstore - and I knew when I saw that title that was what I had been doing was living afraid. So I quickly went home and I started devouring the book. I was flipping through and saw in the back that there was a training and coaching program. Part of me had always been interested in the concept of coaching and so - but I also knew that from a personal growth opportunity - that this was very clearly something that would speak to me.

I hopped on the phone and called about to get more information about the coaching. It took me a couple calls just because I was a little bit afraid. Thinking about if I say yes to this, what am I saying no to?

But I quickly decided made a decision and said, "This is what I've got to do I've got to do it for myself. I've got to do it for my future. I believe that this is the best coaching program out there."

I believe that because I actually researched a couple of them and this was the one after the phone calls with Sheri. Just the information that she would give me and the way that our conversations went really spoke to me, they really resonated with me.

I signed up pretty much the last half hour of the deadline to go into the next class.  

So if you're thinking about this I would highly encourage you to go visit the website also, get on a call - get on a discovery call - with one of the coaches that are there including the of the LCCP and see if it is the right thing for you.

Christi Marshall, Certified Fearless Living Coach