Hi. I'm Belki Tolman. I want to tell you a little bit about how I chose Fearless Living as being my training for becoming a Coach.

I feel that it's one of the best programs out there because it's intensive and it's extensive and it's not just, "Okay, here you go, a weekend and here's your certificate and now you can go and coach."

You come out prepared because I have to practice the Fearless Living concepts and embody them,  make them part of me.  I became confident about being able to coach others to be able to master fear. By becoming fearless myself, I am now prepared to help others to become fearless. It's powerful to be that kind of coach.   The thing I love most about Fearless Living is the incredible amount of tools that I personally can turn to when I am experiencing any kind of crisis, or I'm out of sorts, or something is going on in my life that I need a tool for. I'm confident that the tools for Fearless Living can move me from where I am to where I'd like to be. It works for me and it'll work for you.  Belki Tolman, Certified Fearless Living Coach