Hi I'm Alice Coleman. I am a CFLC and CFT, which stands for Certified Fearless Living Coach and a Certified Fearless Trainer.

What drew me into Fearless Living really was just this enlightenment that my whole life - or at least ninety-five percent of it - was being run in fear.

I was trying to control things. I had incredibly high expectations of myself, my relationships, my world. And I just kept spinning tighter and tighter and tighter.

When I finally understood where my mechanisms were it just opened up a whole new world for me of opportunity and understanding and choice. It just blew my mind.

When I chose to get my Certification from the Fearless Living Institute, it really was a decision based on the content that Rhonda Britten created herself.

And the tools that she created were so applicable and relatively simple in that I could do them every day and knew how to rely on my community - sort of a community of Fearless Living people - to help support me when I couldn't support myself. That was pivotal.  

I also have to say the team at Fearless Living Institute organized the program so amazingly.

Everything was planned at a certain time and you were only given certain pieces of information so that you didn't get overwhelmed and that you had the time to get things done in order to move on to the next level of understanding through your certification.

It was a year-long process which felt at the time long but it was so worth it because it gave me the opportunity to truly understand my relationship with fear, understand the coaching experience and then also really to delve into how to build my business.

I think those three cornerstones are incredibly important and you really truly need that year to get them done. It was well worth it. Hands down the best decision I have ever, ever made. Totally.  

If you are seriously thinking of becoming a coach, I highly encourage you to talk to the people at Fearless Living Institute because they understand the things that keep you hesitating, maybe procrastinating, hemming and hawing and just not taking that first step.  

Really just call them and talk to them. They're the most amazing gracious nonjudgmental people you've ever talked to in your entire life. They have so much to offer you, so much. Totally. Just call them. I look forward to meeting you a part of our Fearless Living Community.  

Alice Coleman, Certified Fearless Living Coach (CFLC) and Certified Fearless Trainer (CFT)