Speak With No Preconceived Notions

Here’s the Recap:

Welcome to Season 2, Episode 12 of Master Coach Mindset™ with Rhonda Britten.

Today’s episode focuses on giving up our preconceived notions to help us step away from judgment and step up our view of innocence and possibility.

Giving up preconceived notions takes effort because the brain is wired to judge in order to preserve our internal energy. But there is another way.

What You Will Discover:

  • Having no preconceived notions means stepping away from judging
  • Practicing no assumptions will be exhausting at first but is necessary to show you what’s possible
  • How to get your Client and yourself out of that “box” of right and wrong
  • Discover how your brain is wired to judge and how to shift those thought patterns
  • Question of the Day: “Is it possible to run a coaching business when you have kids and a family?”

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I was diagnosed with melanoma…

“That year I was diagnosed with melanoma which was really a shocking and terrifying diagnosis and something where I really had to sit down and do a reality check with myself. If I was to pass away from this disease you know at 46 years old had I lived my life to the fullest, had I done everything I wanted to do. And it was really a resounding no. Going through the Life Coach Certification Program was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had in my life and it was life-changing.”

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“The tools that I was just learning at that time, just the basic tools, changed my life forever. I took action and I learned these tools. I helped not only to change my life, but I changed my husband’s life, and I’m changing my children’s lives. So if you would like to impact your life and you would like to also have that effect on your family, and your children, and your extended family and friends, then the Fearless Living Coaching Program is for you.”