Speak to Clarify [Part 1]

Here’s the Recap:

IIn today’s episode, I’ll show you which Coaching Tool to use to help a confused client narrow down their beliefs, desires, or choices as well as how to support a Client feel the feelings that are unresolved. Plus, do you know when to interrupt a difficult, highly charged conversation and how to do so gracefully? And what about when to let a Client talk and talk and talk and talk?

When you want to make the biggest impact for your Client, you must use the correct Coaching Tool as well as apply the Coaching Skill of Clarifying.

What You Will Discover:

  • When to clarify your Client’s authentic needs and wants using open and closed-ended questions
  • Why you must not be afraid to ask your Client any question
  • How to listen to your Client with your whole body
  • Your Client’s language is key to unleashing the power of clarifying questions
  • Here’s when to interrupt and do so skillfully and gracefully
  • Question of the Day: “I have a tendency to say what’s on my mind to try and fix my Clients. How can I learn to stop talking and listen until the end? Is it ever okay to interrupt?”

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