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As a business owner, one of my secret obsessions is to be on the lookout for the best tools, greatest productivity hacks and ultimate software resources to take my business to the next level. To help you save time and build your business more effectively, here are the tools I love. Below you’ll find the latest and greatest, broken out by categories. Enjoy!
I love RingCentral. It’s an online system that offers voice, fax, text, online meetings, conferencing and collaboration. It integrates with my current phone and has options for multiple phone extensions for other team members or different departments within my business. [Learn More]
If you want to cut down on email with your team, Slack is for you. My team and I use this every single day. You can create private messages as well as group messages and everything in between. I cannot stress the importance of saving time with slack!
I’ve given up on Skype and exclusively use Zoom for all of our face-to-face meetings. You get your own dedicated link for quick connection with anyone you’re meeting with. Easy to use and keeps my team connected.
My team and I use FreshBooks to not only keep track of time, but to also know how much time each project is taking us. [Learn More]
If you want a free alternative to Freshbooks, then try out Harvest. You can have your freelancers use the free version and bill you. [Learn More]
Processing payments at live events has never been easier. Square is not only recognizable, its quick and easy and helps me keep track of orders while at live events! [Learn More]
Honey is great! Its like a coupon book that you never even had to look for. Its a browser extension for Chrome that can save you tons! Whenever you go to buy something Honey will blink and let you know there might be a coupon for the site you’re on. Click the button and let Honey find the coupon code that saves you the most! [Learn More]
Canva is a great drag and drop builder thats designed to let ANYONE make marketing materials. Available on desktop and mobile, Canva lets you create flyers, photo quotes, and so much more in just minutes! The great thing about them is they always keep up to date social media sizes for all the different places you may need to post. [Learn More]
At 3am if I find myself needing a quick graphic, Pic Monkey is what I use. Sure, Canva is great for templated items but if you want to design something unique – and photoshop isn’t your thing – you’ll love Pic Monkey as much as I do. Yes, I am a premium member. [Learn More]
Need to add a little something extra to that stock photo you just bought? Want to try out your own hand at graphic design? Stencil has an easy to use interface so you can customize your photos with ease. [Learn More]
99 Designs is choke-full of designers waiting to create a logo, ebook, cover or any other graphic design you need. A Great place to get a wide variety of samples and ideas. [Learn More]
Health and Beauty
Supplements, foods and education for anyone that is interested in the state of high performance where your body, mind and nervous system work together effortlessly to help you perform at levels beyond what you’d expect. [Learn More]
Need an online personal styling service that finds new clothes that you’ll love and delivers them to your door? Sign up for StitchFix and you’ll not only be amazed, you’ll look fabulous too! [Learn More]
I’ve tried just about every hosting service and by far WPEngine is the BEST if you’re using WordPress for your website. Plus, they help you migrate your website over from ANY other hosting you’re currently on. Their customer serivce is A+[Learn More]

Hello Bar is a great tool to attract your customers. The bar displays text at the top of your website that people are likely to click on, it can dramatically increase your visitor’s on-site time as well as interlinking of pages.

I’ve been with InstantTeleseminar FOREVER. They’re great. I can host online webinars, go back and pull audio, re upload edited audio, powerpoint… I can go on for days. They’re great and have so many features. I definitely recommend using them if you’re looking for somewhere to host webinars. [Learn More]
You may not be thinking of itunes as a marketing site but in fact, that’s what it is if you are a podcaster. In fact, itunes is the number one source for traffic for podcasters.
Need landing pages that have an extremely high conversion rate? Need them to integrate with your email provider? Look no further. LeadPages has an extremely easy to use drag & drop builder to help you get your pages looking the BEST. [Learn More]
SumoMe is the fastest way to start collecting email addresses on your website. Easy to use and it’s a WordPress plug-in!
If you want your surveys, quizzes or applications to stand out, use Typeform. Beautiful. Easy. Simple. Creative. Inspired.
If you want your emails to make a greater impact and increase sales, use WiseStamp for your email signature. They have designs that will help you stand out. It’s a simple, no-brainer marketing tool.
Do you ever want to try out ideas for new content and not spend a ton of money? Fiverr is a good way for me to throw some ideas out and see if they stick. Sometimes the work is so great I keep coming back for more! [Learn More]
Tackle those home projects you’ve been thinking about. Choose from a variety of home services and select the day and time you’d like your Tasker to show up. Get $20 off your first task! [Learn More]
Loom is the simplest way to screen record a powerpoint slide or pdf along with an insert of your beautiful face. Plus, it’s integrated right into Chrome and Gmail. Simple. Easy. Fast.
If you’d like to increase your passive affiliate sales, sign up to this affiliate manager. Share-A-Sale connects you with several of the products you can choose to promote on your site to receive a small commission.
Never ending storage. Thats one of the things I love about box. Our business storage plan is unlimited yet its extremely easy to find what I’m looking for. Box also lets you open files without having to download them and when you click save it automatically updates the version online. ITS BRILLIANT! [Learn More]
I LOVE backups of files. Seriously, I LOVE them. You never know where or when you’ll need a file. Dropbox does a great job of storing all my files (personal and professional) in a cloud system that I can access on all of my devices. It’s like I have a portable hard drive with me at all times! [Learn More]
Need a ride? Don’t want to wait for a cab to pick you up? Take a LYFT and use my code to get a credit on your first ride! [Learn More]