We want you to know with CERTAINTY the answer to that question. 

That’s why we created a Prerequisite for the LCCP.


By the way, this Course is how you’ll know if becoming a Coach is for you. Promise!

Because we want you to master fear to coach fear. Yours!

Take the First Step and …Discover how to break FREE from the invisible pattern that keeps holding you back!

Otherwise, keep reading to learn to be more optimistic, confident, understanding and self-aware…and, more importantly, to be more you, the real, authentic, powerful FEARLESS you.
Does any of this sound familiar?
You’re struggling to make a decision about your marriage or partnership – You’re on the verge of a break-up but you just can’t seem to initiate any positive action.
You want to thrive and go after the things you want without guilt, shame and feeling bad.
You don’t know how to communicate your needs without sounding demanding or whiny. You’re not sure how to put yourself first, and it’s causing you to feel resentful and bitter.
Every time you try to make it better, you end up angry and blaming yourself. If only you knew what to do, or say to make everything better.
You long to live a purpose-driven life, to open yourself up to true love, but you just don’t know how to make these things happen.
You’re sick of other people making decisions for you. You want to feel empowered and trust that you know what’s best, and having the courage to follow through.
You’re telling yourself that you don’t have enough willpower, confidence, money, time or skills to live the life you want to live. You’re telling yourself that you’re not good enough, not smart enough, not lovable enough, not “together” enough to have the kind of relationships you deserve.
You’ve probably even given up more than once (and giving up may just mean telling yourself that you’ve changed your mind and don’t want what you want anymore). Maybe you’ve just decided to accept your frustration as part of life.
Imagine if you could:
  • Ask for a raise without your heart in your mouth, knowing you are worth it
  • Go for the relationship you’ve always dreamed of (instead of settling for “less”)
  • Pick up the phone to ask for the sale, and never worry about being rejected
  • Finally start that business, instead of endlessly waiting for the “right time”
  • Move to a new city where you know no one and still feel perfectly at ease
Maybe there’s something that’s been calling you…something you’ve wanted to do for a long time and you still haven’t done it.

So why not?

I can hear it now
You’re telling yourself you don’t have enough willpower, confidence, money, time or skills to do what you want to do.

What’s calling you?

You’re probably telling yourself that you’re not good enough, not smart enough, not lovable enough, not “together” enough to have the kind of relationship you yearn for.

You’ve probably even given up more than once and giving up may just mean telling yourself that you’ve changed your mind and it’s not what you want anymore). Maybe you’ve just decided to accept your frustration as part of life.

I so know how you feel. I’ve felt all those same things, for all the same reasons. And this is what I know…

I was wrong. And so are you. There’s nothing wrong with you, it’s fear.
The good news is, fear has a “secret code” . . . and I’ve cracked it! And now, so can you.


A step-by-step, 10-module program that will teach you how to get UNSTUCK, gain unshakeable confidence and experience peace of mind…even if you don’t believe this is possible in your life!

A Fearless You Starts Here
Be proactive – Live your life based on what you want, instead of what you’re afraid of!
Identify and STOP those invisible patterns that keep holding you back!
Get “escape velocity” from your inner critic, so you can shoot for the stars!
Writers Block. . . CURED!
“Five years later I’m still using the tools and strategies from Fearless Living”
Single to Soulmate
“Fearless Living made the impossible, possible”
This Is My Story
I’m Rhonda Britten, author of the bestselling book, Fearless Living. You may also have seen me on the Emmy Award-winning NBC show, Starting Over.

I had my own struggles with fear, for years. It kept me in a prison of low self-esteem, inaction, and self-sabotage.

To get the answers, I started to work on myself.

Looking back over my life, I saw how my career failures, my miserable marriage, my drinking . . .all of these were symptoms of a life lived in self-loathing and avoidance – in FEAR – rather than confidence and creativity.

In my determination to “fix” myself, I became a serious student of human psychology and brain science. What I learned was that fear is the number one cause behind every judgment you make, complaint you have, and excuse you give in life.

In my investigation of fear in all its disguises, I found myself cracking the code – and I discovered a system that worked, not only for me, but for others too!

Now, for better or worse, I’ve become the world’s leading expert on fear. What it is, what it does, and the million sneaky ways it can hide beneath the surface (or in plain sight!) and steal your joy, your dreams, and your future.

But it doesn’t have to!  This system I’ve developed will give you the tools you need to zap fear whenever it shows up in the moment, so you can stop hiding and do things according to your true desires, rather than avoid rejection, failure or pain. 

As you develop the muscle of not reacting out of your internal pattern (we all have one!) you’ll also develop a greater awareness of what you really want. . .the confidence to pursue it . . .and the pride that comes from handling any situation or person from your truth, not your fear.

Here’s What’s Been Standing In Your Way…
  • FEAR is One of Our Most PRIMAL Survival Mechanisms
  • The Body’s Reaction to Fear is the SAME Whether it’s A PHYSICAL Or EMOTIONAL Threat
  • The Hippocampus Stores REAL Or PERCEIVED Threat Signals In Long-Term Memory
  • The Brain Responds to Potentially Dangerous Stimuli BEFORE It Has All The Facts (Based On Past History And Past Hurts)
  • The Brain Is Programmed to Detect Dangers Routinely.Experienced By Our ANCESTORS And Those Learned About By Each Of Us INDIVIDUALLY
  • Our Ability To ERASE The Memories of Fear is HIGHLY UNLIKELY. Fear Is Triggered By The UNKNOWN

Fear is tricky, invisible and insidious but when you understand how fear works, and know what to do about it, you will be able to put fear in it’s place and turn your dreams into reality . . .


“I personally coach you through dozens of breakthrough strategies and extremely powerful insights so you will not only understand how fear really works, but you will also know how to process it differently and yes, master it. Peace of mind courage and confidence can be yours!”

  • Overcome self-doubt and make decisions with confidence
  • Let go of your past
  • Be empowered to live the life your soul intended!
  • Stop fear before it metastasizes
  • Create a culture of positivity, so you are happier every day



Defining and Busting Fear

Ever heard you have to “know your enemy”? Fear is the enemy within, blocking you from your dreams. And you’re about to blow its cover! But not for the reasons you think. In this module you’ll see:
– How fear is hard-wired in your body and brain
– Why you don’t need to blame yourself anymore (yes, you’re normal!)
– What an awesome life is on the other side of fear, once you master it!

Know Your Dreams are Possible

Fear constantly whispers that you haven’t got a chance to fulfill your dreams. It’s time to talk back! In this module you’ll learn:
– An exciting new “language” that fear doesn’t want you to know about!
– New ways of thinking that keep you focused, inspired and in action!
– How to stay empowered and in full faith that you will achieve your desires

The Power of Feelings & The Inner Critic

Our “Inner Critic” breeds and feeds our fears. In this module we’ll tackle it once and for all! You’ll get proven tools to help you:
Live from gratitude instead of fear
– Quiet your “Inner Critic” and drop the burden of self-judgment
– Show up in joyful authenticity and wholeness in all your relationships

Experience Ultimate Peace of Mind

When you learn to accept and appreciate who you are, you can finally relax and enjoy yourself and your life. In this module, Rhonda will show you how to:
Ditch the negative self-talk for good
Find the self-acceptance that has eluded you since childhood
– Unlock the wellspring of creativity and joy that used to be buried under “not good enough”!

Master Your Fears Now and Forever

Rhonda’s “Wheel of Fear” is thought be the most powerful fear-mastery tool ever created! This module walks you through your own Wheel so you can handle any scary situation with confidence, now and for the rest of your life. Then you’ll be able to:
– Finally get the things done that really matter to you
– Experience amazing closeness with those you’ve been keeping at arm’s length
– Find the courage to take bigger risks and put the zest back in your life!

Identify the Real (Awesome) You

Fear can make our true identity, voice and desires, sometimes for a lifetime. In this “Wheel of Freedom” module you’ll reconnect with your truth so you can:
– Reclaim and say “Yes” to your dreams
Take action that aligns with your true desires
– Trust yourself like never before

Honoring Your Needs, Loving Yourself

It’s time to give yourself the forgiveness and love you need and deserve, no matter where you’ve been up till now. In this module, you’ll learn to:
– Release and heal the past
Banish guilt, shame, and self-blame from  your mind and your life
– Finally say goodbye to ALL your regrets and love who you are now!

Setting Boundaries, Staying in Charge

If you “people please” or say yes when you really want to say no, you’ll love this module! Inside, Rhonda shows you how to:
– Identify the five types of “Fear Junkies” and stop them before they stop you
Create empowering boundaries that serve and protect you
– Know exactly what to say in the moment without fearing rejection

Attract the Love and Friendship that is Yours!

Whether you’re looking for romance or just to feel deliciously at ease in a group, in this “Fearbuster” module, you’ll learn the Four Relationship Builders that will:
Empower you to “belong” and be liked wherever you go
– Enlist the eager assistance of others like magic
Fill your life with supporters as you watch the haters fade into the distance


In the final module, you’ll learn Rhonda’s four-step formula for taking risks, so you can become the magnetic, dynamic person who:
– Possesses a crystal-clear, compelling vision that draws you forward like a magnet
Blasts through the obstacles that used to keep you “stuck”
– Steps out with courage to make your dreams a reality!
Here’s what you get

Mind-Blowing Videos for Each Module

10 Module Blockbuster, Information-packed Training Videos (over 20 hours) so you can learn quickly and absorb all the goodness the Course has to offer

Transcripts of the Entire Course

Full transcripts of the entire course because the best way to embody the work is to watch or listen while following along with the transcripts.

Read away. It will CHANGE your life.

Community Access

Chat with other members and get one-on-one with me and my coaches who will be there answering your questions. PLUS – your membership in this group lasts FOREVER – so you can come back for more support after you’ve graduaed!

MP3 Audios for each Module

Mp3 audio files for the entire course. Be sure to listen in the car, at the gym or while you work. If you’re auditory, this is for you!

Fearbuster Exercise™ Worksheets

Rhonda’s proprietary “Fearbuster Exercises™” for each module. This is where the magic happens. Complete the Fearbuster Exercises along the way, and your life will be changing fast.

BONUS Videos!

  • Forgiveness Exercise that heals
  • Wheel of Freedom “Essential Nature”
  • How to Pick Friends: The Secret of Thirds
  • The Essential Boundary Checklist
  • Answers to the Most Common Questions

BONUS Audio Book!

    • Listen to Rhonda’s bestseller,“Fearless Living” Audio Book 

Complete unabridged version read by Rhonda!


BONUS eBooks!

When you’re on the hunt for your unique, personalized and individualized Wheel of Fear and Wheel of Freedom, these Bonus eBooks will be invaluable.

  • Wheel of Fear Trigger Secrets eBook
  • Wheel of Freedom Secrets eBook


Gifting this Course to YOU!

  • Stretch, Risk and Die Course (SRD)

Never do another to-do list the same again! Stretch, Risk and Die will build momentum and give you a tool that you’ll use for LIFE!

“It took me an entire year – literally thousands of hours – to create this program. And over 20 years to earn the right to offer it to you. I’ve done the work. You’ll get in 10 modules what I’ve spent my lifetime learning, teaching and living.”
– Rhonda Britten
Lifetime Access
You can absolutely transform your entire life and how you feel about yourself in just 10 weeks. Just like so many of my clients around the world.

At the same time, we all know old habits die hard. (And fear hates to lose at is own game!)

That’s why I’ve made the modules of Fearless Living Training Program available to you FOREVER…so you can refer back anytime you want to review the tools or get re-inspired. Because it’s all online, and has been optimized for all your devices, you can have it with you wherever you go. (Yep. A Life Coach in your pocket!)

As you start going for it more in your life, following your dreams and taking more risks, you’ll start facing whole new fears. That’s how we grow! So this Program is something you’ll want to revisit over and over again, as you reach each new level and strive for more!

Your enrollment today gets you lifetime access to it all, including updates, no matter how much the prices goes up in the future!

“It’s time to break the cycle and live the life you were intended to live, as the powerful, courageous person you know you are! Let me teach you how to be fearless!”

-Rhonda Britten, Founder

Hear from those who’ve already experienced the power of Fearless Living!
The Fearless Living Training is a combination of an owner’s manual and a toolbox. It moved me to the life I desired by guiding me through the process of self-evaluation to self-acceptance and self-love.”

Lisa Arms, Media Relations

“Fearless Living has radically changed my life.

I went from a life full of fear…fear of looking like a loser, fear of being seen as worthless and fear of being seen as unworthy of love…to a life where I’m taking risks in all areas of my life.

I obtained my dream job (during the worst economy), completed a masters program (another dream) and am now married to my soulmate (a third dream come true).

Those things would not have happened without Fearless Living.”

Mike Goonan, CFLC, Director of Career Services

“I care about you, and I want you to have the most amazing life ever. (And yes, you can have it…and yes, it can happen sooner than you think!) I’m 100% confident I can help you get there… and that my Fearless Living Training Program is going to change your life forever. And because I’m so confident, and because I care so much about you having the life you really want, I’d like to let you try my program RISK FREE.” – Rhonda

100% Money Back Guarantee

  • Try risk free for 30 days
  • Start the course today, right at home
  • If you love it, you’ll start seeing the results within days
  • If not, show us your work and if it doesn’t work for you, we’ll process a refund immediately
My entire outlook on life has changed because of Fearless Living. I no longer see myself as a victim but someone who has control over my life and how I choose to live it. It has helped me stop crucifying myself for past decisions that have not served me well. Fearless Living has helped me take chances that have led to promotions, and to trusting myself. Trusting myself has led to higher self-esteem, weight loss and the overall feeling of excitement about life. Thank you Rhonda for bringing light to so many. You are an angel.”

Marissa Wunder Sperling, Director, After-School Programming

Rhonda helped me understand what fear is and how it was frustrating me in my life. Learning the cycle I was in helped me break free to live fearlessly on a daily basis! What a great shift I have made in my life. I owe this – in its entirety – to Rhonda Britten’s training. Before I worked with Rhonda, I always looked for reasons to be scared, to feel sad, to be negative, and to blame myself and others for what I wasn’t. Now I can see that I am in charge, I am in power, and I am something special.”

David Theobold, Certified Sign Language Interpreter

“I truly want to help you have the life you want. I get emails every day from people who are using my tools to dramatically transform their lives, and I want you to experience this too.” – Rhonda

Payment Plans Available!

  • Secure & simple ordering (just use a valid credit or debit card or use Paypal for your order).
  • INSTANT RESULTS…Start seeing life through a new set of fearless eyes right away in week one!
  • The whole process is so easy that you can literally be watching this groundbreaking program in minutes.
  • You can either pay in full or easy monthly installments. You can decide which works best for your budget.
I came to Fearless Living because I didn’t know how to love my life anymore. As an Emergency Room RN, I was having troubles leading my team and the stress made my marriage rocky. I thought I needed a change. But what I learned instead, is how my fears were running my life and keeping me stuck. I am much happier and more fulfilled now that I know how fear works and what to do when it pops up. And my family, friends, co-workers, and patients all feel the difference. I’m also happy to report my husband and I are like honeymooners again. I never thought that would be possible. He’s very thankful to Fearless Living”

Debbie Vaillancourt, Emergency Room RN

The Fearless Living Training Program is wisdom to build your life on! Rhonda’s training has played a crucial role in my triumph over challenges that have involved everything from body image to grief to re-locating, to the completion and release of my first album! If you’re finally ready to live big and turn up the brightness of your own light, this training will fundamentally impact every area of your life in wonderful and powerful ways.”

Larissa Jaye, Singer-Songwriter, Creative Artist

This Class is Not for You…
“If you’re looking for a magic solution and aren’t willing to do the work that’s necessary to get the results you want, or if you aren’t committed to improving your life, please do not take this course.” – Rhonda

  • You’re free of negative self-talk and can go anywhere, do anything and meet anyone without hesitation, worry or fear.
  • You’re completely happy with your life and have peace of mind, freedom of expression, abundant passion and a sense of purpose that guides you each day.
  • You don’t worry what others think of you and can communicate your needs and wants with ease and grace.
Fearless Living has taught me first to love me for who I am. There’s nothing wrong with me. Prior to this course, I was troubled because my life was being operated by fear, and I did not know how to handle what I was being controlled by. This was very disempowering. I blamed myself for everything that was wrong, and for everything that was going wrong. I am so thankful for my Life Coach, Rhonda, who believed when I could not. I am now believing in me, I matter to me, and I’ll always believe in myself. Thank you, Rhonda!”

Carla Tucker, Mail Clerk/IRS

Not only did the Fearless Living training show me why I was stuck, it gave me tools and how-to’s to get me moving again! Rhonda got me moving in the direction I wanted, with more control of my life. So many courses will give you general ideas promising your life will change. Fearless Living gives you actual step-by-step exercises to achieve change. Fearless Living changed my life! ”

Lindsey Boyack, Assistant Producer

Thank you for your amazing course, Rhonda! I now speak my truth and say exactly what I’m feeling. This is huge as before I would second-guess myself and not speak up! I am also stepping up and naturally leading in different areas whereas before I always looked to someone else to lead. And I now have more joy in my life! I have infinite gratitute for all you do, Rhonda!”

Sarah Sabol, Massage Therapist

The passionate experienced wisdom in the Fearless Living Training Program revolutionized every aspect of my life. Fearless Living cracked my code of people resistance and offered me a path to connection and loving, nourishing relationships that I follow every day. I no longer isolate and I now have the skills to make friends, keep friends, and work through the bad times of any relationship. To see the world through a fearless lens is a gift I wish for every human being.”

Andy Paige, Inventor Girly Go Garter and Author, Style on a Shoestring

Next LIVE Group Coaching Sessions starting soon!


✓ Watch and Learn through 20 Hours of Video in 10 Modules

✓ Listen to MP3 Audios of the entire Course

✓ Follow along with transcripts of the entire Course

✓ Integrate with Fearbuster Exercise™ Worksheets

✓ Community Access with like-minded Individuals!

✓ BONUS: 10 LIVE Weekly Implementation Group Coaching Classes led by Rhonda’s own Advanced Certified Fearless Trainers

✓ Private Coaching with a MASTER COACH: Be mentored by a Master Certified Fearless Living Coach for 6 Private Coaching Sessions to anchor the tools and discover your best Wheel of Fear and Wheel of Freedom (A Master CFLC is the highest trained CFLC!)

✓ And don’t forget, BONUS: Receive a copy of the Audio Version of Rhonda’s bestselling book: Fearless Living

✓BONUS Ebook: Wheel of Fear Triggers Secrets so you can be confident you’ve discovered your best Wheel of Fear

✓BONUS Ebook: Wheel of Freedom Secrets Ebook so you can be learn to jump on your Wheel of Freedom in the heat of the moment

✓BONUS: How to Forgive the Unforgivable. Access the tool Rhonda used to finally forgive her father

✓BONUS: How to Pick your Friends. Create a Fearbuster Support Team using The Third method Rhonda created

✓BONUS: Essential Boundaries Checklist. You have the right to feel safe.

✓BONUS COURSE: Stretch, Risk Or Die designed to flip your To-Do List on it’s head so you can move forward no matter what

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Who is this Course for?
This Course is for you if you:
•  Are feeling stuck
•  Sense that something’s missing in your life
•  Feel like you’ve lost yourself along the way
•  Don’t know how to put yourself first
•  Don’t know how to ask for what you need and want
•  Are constantly worried about hurting or insulting people
•  Wish others appreciated, understood or cared for you more
•  Aren’t doing the work you know you’re supposed to be doing
•  Don’t have self-confidence to realize your dreams and goals
•  Feel isolated and alone, and don’t know where else to turn for help

This course is for anyone who wants to believe in themselves and their abilities, so they can move forward with their life. It’s for men and women who want to discover their true purpose and passion in life, and have the courage to do what it takes to live in alignment with that purpose. It’s for those who want more out of love and relationships, but don’t know how to forgive the past or let their hearts open up to new experiences.

The Fearless Living Training Program is for anyone who yearns for a better life but doesn’t quite know how to get there.

How do I know if fear is really a problem for me? (I don’t think I feel afraid.)
Fear isn’t always teeth-chattering terror! If you ever procrastinate on things that matter to you…or endlessly “work on” projects before you can make them public….or couldn’t bring yourself to say something you really wanted to tell someone…or feel you are somehow “not enough” some or most of the time… then you are experiencing fear, and it is keeping you from your best life!

This program will help you identify the way fear shows up for YOU (it’s different for everyone) and give you specific tools to overcome it, go for what you want and feel exponentially better about yourself.

I’ve done a lot of self-help programs. How do I know this one will work for me?
I get it. There seems to be a new Life Coach born every second with a new program promising to change your life. But this one is based in real science and has a long and proven track record. I’ve done this exact process with thousands of people whose lives have been utterly transformed! But don’t take my word for it; some of their stories are here on this page, and more are here. I believe in this process so much I have devoted my life to teaching it, both to people like you and to other coaches.

And I am so certain it will work for you, that I offer a guarantee — try it for 30 Days, do all the exercises…and if you aren’t thrilled with the changes you see in your life, just send in your work and we’ll be happy to give you a full refund.

How much time do I need to go through the program?
The Course is 10 Modules and most people complete one Module a week which adds up to approximately 2 to 3 hours. So figure 10 weeks to complete all 10 Modules and the accompanying Fearbuster Exercises™.  Of course, go at your own pace. Soaking it in takes time…use it! And remember to practice your skills!
Can I take a break if I need to?
Of course. A program is no good if you are overwhelmed and find yourself beating yourself up. In every email, there will be a link called “Stop. I need a break” that will stop the sequence of emails at any time. Just click on the link called “Start Me Up. I’m ready to go” in any of the emails to start the sequence right where you left off. Just remember, when you stop the emails, you won’t have your daily reminders to keep you focused on moving your life forward.
Can I share this program with a family member?
It’s important each person who’s enrolled in the Fearless Living Training Program make a conscious decision to join and invest in their own growth. Feel free to share your results with the people you love but encourage them to invest in their self. There is nothing that can replace a decision that says “YES I am ready to change” like a sign up for a Course that can truly make a difference.
Should I tell my therapist I'm doing this program?
If that supports you, sure. More therapists refer clients to me than coaches, speaker and authors combined. They know my stuff works, and they have your best interest at heart. So yes, please do. I have clients who actually share their daily homework with their therapists. I say, share away. The more support you have on your journey, the better.
Why should I use this program and not someone else’s?
I could tell you a bunch of amazing things about myself like I overcame a twenty year horror story of my own or how I’ve met Oprah, twice, or I could tell you about the women’s lives I’ve changed in the Starting Over house that aired every day for three years on NBC. But come on, that isn’t important, right? It doesn’t matter really if Good Housekeeping as done a profile on me or I have been on The Today Show and blah blah blah, or my gosh darn Emmy win. What does matter is that you’re still reading this. You want me to convince you to join my program. But I’m not going to. YOU have to decide this one. Plus, there’s a RISK FREE 30 Day Guarantee. If you do the work and it’s not working, you get all your money back. All you have to do is show me you tried by turning in your completed Fearbuster Exercise™. So frankly, you got nothing to lose but that darn ol’ fear of yours.
What’s at risk if I don’t order right now?
Your future. Your confidence. Your self-esteem. Let’s face it, you wouldn’t be here if this problem hasn’t been going on for a while so how long do you want it to last? This is what I true: I believe in you. And you have to decide to believe that I can get you to the other side. I’ve been coaching for over two decades and have thousands of people raising their hand saying ”this works.” So what’s at risk if you don’t? What’s at risk is your problem is just going to get bigger, and you’re gonna feel like you are drowning in it. Don’t go there. Grab my hand. Let’s do this.
What is intimidating about doing what you’re asking me to do?
First thing that should scare the pants off you is the subject is FEAR. That is intimidating for so many people because 1) They don’t know they even have fear and 2) If they do, what they’ve tried hasn’t work. But you know what I’m about to say: Change can’t happen unless you invest in yourself. So yes, Fear can seem down right scary but that’s why this Course has been designed the way it has. I will take you step by step through the Fearbuster Exercises™ and tools that will truly change your life. Not for a day. Not only for one situation. But always. And remember, you have the coaches support and the community group and me right here. You won’t be alone so you won’t feel alone. We’ve got you.
How can you remove the intimidation for me?
This is why support is so important to me. I know what it’s like to be out there on your own swimming in deep water and trying to get to shore. I lived that way for 20 years, so I get it. I do. That’s why I send you email reminders – so you stay focused – and why I encourage you to watch a video or listen to an audio each day and grab the Fearbuster Exercise™ and ask questions. You don’t have to go a day without support. And don’t forget…what does all the support add up to? Integrating these new tools into your life. They won’t do you any good if you don’t practice using them every day. I would rather save my breath than waste your time so if I am teaching it, it’s for a reason.
What happens when I order?
Once you order, you will receive a Welcome email giving you’re your user and password information so you can get immediate access to the Learning Center where the Course lives. You can get started right away. The reminder emails officially begin the week you sign up for the Course.
How are the materials delivered?
A few times a week you’ll receive an inspirational reminder email delivered right to your inbox plus, if you prefer, you can choose SMS text messages instead. Choose the delivery system – email or SMS text – that fits your lifestyle. For your convenience, all materials are inside the Course Learning Center that you can visit 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to watch the video, download an audio, grab the Fearbuster Exercise™ and anything else you need. Don’t forget, inside each Module is a place to ask your questions. We are here for you every step of the way.
How long do I have access to stuff?
Forever. Once you purchase a Course at the Fearless Living Institute, you’ll always have access to it for life. Your enrollment today gets you lifetime access to it all, including updates, no matter how much the prices goes up in the future!
Can I talk with someone before ordering, if so how?
Sure. Call the office anytime at 877-663-3270. You’ll find our Customer Happiness Team ready and waiting to support you with any and all of your questions. Because our team has access to the Courses we offer, they know this Course inside and out. You can ask them anything.
How much time will I have to invest?
If you watch a video or listen to an audio each week, that’s about a two hour investment per week. Plus a few minutes each day jotting down your acknowledgements and gratitudes. Some days you will probably want to write some things down on your Fearbuster Exercise™ Worksheets. How long you spend is up to you.
Are payment plans available?
Payment Plans. Save when you sign up with one pay or choose the six month payment option. It’s your choice. When you click on the “Register Now” button you’ll be sent to an order form that gives you both options. You choose!
“I had my doubts and debated for weeks about whether or not to join the Fearless Living Training Program, and whether it was worth the money I was about to spend. I had doubts that even Rhonda would be able to help me see things differently. Could it be fear telling me this? Could it be fear stopping me from joining the Fearless Living Training Program?

I took the risk and signed up for Fearless Living, and after week one I realized I was talking to Rhonda Britten herself. I couldn’t believe it. Here she is guiding me through exercises, making me think, and making me leave my comfort zone.

As the weeks went on, I found myself changing in the way I look at things and in my relationships with people. I was taking risks. I was doing things that I had never before dreamed of doing because I had feared that others would judge me.

I was changing and could not believe that this person was me. I was in awe of this amazing transition that I was in and how naturally it was coming to me. I didn’t have to stop and think. I didn’t have to second-guess myself. I just did it or said it with no regrets.

I was learning how to show myself compassion, something that I always gave others but lacked in giving myself. I was learning how to be gentle with myself. I was starting to trust myself and my decisions.

The more I worked with Rhonda and got to the core of what was really holding me back from living a happier and healthier life, I felt like a thousand pounds were lifted from my shoulders. I was finally able to see that I was worth something, that I was important, and that I deserved to be happy and live a life of being fearless.

I am now conquering my fears with the tools I have learned from Rhonda. She is so inspirational and motivating that I know I will never go back to my old ways as she will always be there for me as my number one supporter.

Thank you, Rhonda, for being such a blessing to me. I love you!”

Chandra Alfrey, Nurse

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Rhonda Britten, a frequent guest on Oprah and who TV Guide called “America’s Favorite Life Coach,” created the Fearless Living Training Course just for people like you – who are tired of being held hostage by their fears. This course WILL help you finally take back your life and live it to its fullest with confidence!