I have achieved much success, faced life-threatening situations, and survived terrible loss in my life. I am called strong and courageous by many people-however, all my life I have lived in a constant state of fear.

FFW has given me specific tools and skills to now realize what fuels this fear as well as how to manage it so that I can live the life I am truly meant to live. Every human on the planet should take this workshop!

Kim Walnes

Fearless Foundation Workshop (FFW) Graduate

Fearless Living has changed my life!!! I now have words, feelings, and reasons to give to what I have been going through.

Rhonda is brilliant and has saved my life!!  There is nothing I could ever say to thank her as much as she deserves. She deserves a medal for all she does, she is changing the world, one fearless, compassionate person at a time. Thank you Rhonda and the FLI (Fearless Living Institute) team!!!

Lindsay Boyack

Actress & Fearless Foundation Workshop (FFW) Graduate

Rhonda, for the first time ever in my life, I feel like I can live. I feel like I can breathe and experience the breath in my body in oneness and wholeness. Is my system totally shocked by all of the information I received this weekend? Absolutely! Did I get to see and experience myself? Yikes, yes I did.

Today I woke up with clarity and fire. I had no desire to hurry up and do and tell because now I have the answer. Instead I enjoyed the freedom in taking my time with choice.



I thank you, I love you, I have deep appreciation for you and I look forward to growing with you!

Dawn Denise Joyner

Minister & Fearless Foundation Workshop (FFW) Graduate

Fearless Living has taught me about courage; courage to risk being myself, courage to love and be loved, courage to create the life I want to live. And it taught me simple ways to do it.

Martha Pasternack

CEO Circle of Life, Wife, Mother & Fearless Foundation Workshop (FFW) Graduate

The Fearless Foundation Workshop was life changing for me. I came back and have looked at my husband and 17-year-old daughter with so much more compassion… I mean I feel as though I actually SEE them differently and so I am behaving differently and they’re responding so positively…

Mostly I see ME differently. I see the possibilities… that not only is my life up to me… but I don’t have to jump up and down making demands, be hysterical, be “sick” in order not to be invisible. I have always said I would do what I want as soon as I figured out what it is.

Well, the truth is, I have always known what I want to do… because I do it all the time and whether I get paid for it in the future or not, I will always be doing it. I have just been afraid. Of not being good enough…

But that is changed now.

I realize now that I don’t have to be perfect. That I don’t have to force anything. That I can just move forward in my life and just do the things TODAY that I am committed to and all of this other stuff will work itself out.

It’s like, gee, you mean I can stop agonizing and start living? I can actually have peace with myself? What a concept!

Thank you so much, Rhonda, for the gift you gave all of us. The core shift in my focus just blows me away. It is so much more than “positive thinking” or “accentuate the positive”… it reminds me of the movie “Life is Beautiful”… if the man can find joy and beauty in a Nazi prison… what a lesson that is for us who can live in literal freedom…

Thank you for teaching us how to do that in such a practical understandable way. You are such an inspiration to me on so many levels. You have given me hope and a lightness in my step that is really going to take me in the right direction.

Cynthia Seely

Master Life Coach & Fearless Foundation Workshop (FFW) Graduate

I’ve read Rhonda’s book twice before and never ever, ever would have imagined that I would have walked away from this weekend with so much insight as to just how much control fear plays in my life.

One of the most valuable lessons I learned is just how important and rewarding of an experience it can be to lean on others for support. Having a group of women and men all in one room supporting each other through this process really shows off Rhonda Britten’s brilliance.

I would say it was a life-saving experience and I’d give my friend information on the next Fearless Foundation Workshop. It’s so hard to put this experience into words to people who are still living in their comfort zones because they are afraid to hear my changes.

Carrie Delaney

Therapist & Fearless Foundation Workshop (FFW) Graduate

The Fearless Foundation Workshop is a self-awareness bootcamp!

Even though I thanked you with a card for the honor of being at Fearless Foundation Workshop, I feel that I want to thank you once more, after all your help at the workshop. You are extremely helpful – THANK YOU.

I must say it was humbling and painful, and I found it very hard (like I thought it would be for me personally) and a bit embarrassing, but of course, it was all very effective! Actually, days later I’m still reeling from the shock and I am telling all my friends about how brilliant you are.

Miranda-Kalomira Zannos

Fearless Foundation Workshop (FFW) Graduate

As for my enthusiasm, i just wanted to pass on a thank you to Rhonda because, after doing substantial work on myself already throughout what has been a colorful life, I couldn’t put my finger on what was holding me back from being all that i was meant to be. Since applying the Fearless Living principles, I can say that i have found the answer.

I am truly excited about the future, what it holds for me and what else i can learn and apply fearlessly both to myself and to others (just purchased another “Fearless Living” book for another friend yesterday…well on my way to an awesome fearbusting team ­čÖé

Tegan Mathews

Small Business Owner & Fearless Foundation Workshop (FFW) Graduate

Fearless Living has helped me live in light, with confidence and greater esteem. Fearless Living and Rhonda have helped me to actually live a more meaningful life!! I’m a force to be reckoned with now in all amazing ways…no longer the one hiding in the background!

Nancy Furello

Teacher/Day Camp Director & Fearless Foundation Workshop (FFW) Graduate

The day I left my marriage I came to a Fearless Living Seminar and walked away with one powerful life-changing tool (not to mention the incredible learning and experience) and that was writing down 5 acknowledgements and 5 gratitudes every day. It was like salve when I thought I was going to come out of my skin in the early days. I still practice it five years later and tell everyone this tool was the key to gracious living for me. Thanks Fearless Living!

Rita Kampen

Fearless Foundation Workshop (FFW) Graduate

Over the last 10 years, the tools and skills of Fearless Living have supported me to go anywhere, meet anyone and do anything. I have learned to love better, father better and become a better me. Go to the Fearless Foundation Workshop. You’ll be better for it.

Mark Sansoucy

CEO of MindEngines Inc, Father, Husband & Fearless Foundation Workshop (FFW) Graduate