Are you meant to be a life coach?

How An Assistant VP of Finance Quit Her Job And Earned 5-Figures In A Month As A Life Coach


Bisi’s marriage and career fell apart at the same time. She needed to rebuild her confidence and find a new job that excited her.

Using Rhonda Britten’s Life Coaching Certification Program

She learned how to work through her own issues and help others do the same using the Wheel of Fear.


Bisi gave a TEDx talk on overcoming fear. She quit her job to become a full-time Life Coach, earning as much as 5-figures a month doing work she loves.

“I felt like a failure…”

Bisi worked in finance for 22 years. And she was married to a man who she had been with for ten years. 

But in 2015, her career and marriage both fell apart at once.

A major project Bisi worked on had failed. She felt embarrassed and walked through her office with her head down. This made her realize her job no longer satisfied her. She wanted to do something different but didn’t know what. 

At the same time, her marriage was crumbling. She felt as if the relationship was “sucking the essence” out of her. And she knew it was time to move on.

Because of all this, Bisi felt like a complete failure. As she says: 

“It was a very dark time in my life. I felt like a failure in my work and my marriage. I didn’t even smile for a whole month…”

“Fearless Living spoke directly to me…”

Bisi and her husband ended their marriage. And Bisi began to look for a new career. 

She signed up for a personal development workshop called Kripalu. Once she got there, her life changed forever.

Bisi walked into the room right in the middle of Rhonda Britten’s talk on how to live fearlessly. At that moment, Bisi felt she found her calling. She wanted to do what Rhonda was doing.

“As soon as I walked in and heard Rhonda talking, my whole being said, “That’s it! That’s you… I’m going to do what she’s doing.”

Rhonda giving Bisi an award for her work as a Life Coach.

Bisi shares how she knew Life Coaching was for her.

“It took courage and commitment…”

Bisi had always been the person her co-workers came to for advice. So Life Coaching seemed like a natural fit. 

Once she heard about Rhonda’s Life Coaching Certification Program — or LCCP — Bisi signed up. She knew it was the right path for her. 

However, this program wasn’t always easy. Bisi still worked her 9-5 job. And she commuted 2 hours a day. So she struggled to find time to do the LCCP work.

But she was dedicated to finishing the training. So she found a way to make it work.

“It took a lot of courage and commitment because I was still in my 9-5. And it was a very demanding job… It took a lot of dedication, resilience, grit, and courage to go to places I’d never been from an emotional standpoint.”

Bisi’s website,

Bisi shares what it was like to join LCCP.

“You work through your own junk first…”

Through LCCP, Bisi got a mentor who coached her. 

The mentor helped Bisi work through her own fears and challenges. As they did that, Bisi learned how to provide that same help for others. 

For example, Bisi blamed herself for her failed marriage. She felt like she let herself and her family down. And she thought that since she failed, she no longer deserved love. 

But her mentor helped Bisi to stop being so hard on herself. Bisi learned to forgive herself and others for what happened. And she was able to move on and open herself up to love again.

“I got a big “F” in work and marriage. And what helped me overcome it was forgiveness.”

Bisi shares how she learned to stop seeing herself as a failure.

“What’s missing is the belief they can do it…”

Along with working through her issues, Bisi also learned the 8 skills to become a great Life Coach.

For Bisi, one of the most important skills was to “Speak as if they can do it.” 

Bisi learned to see the strength and power of other people. She no longer lets people buy into their excuses. And she learned how to empower them to solve their problems on their own. 

“In the past, I would excuse people or make a decision for other people as opposed to seeing the possibility of their strength… That’s so big for me and so empowering for the other person. It gives them a chance to rise up.”

Bisi shares why it’s so important to “Speak as if they can do it.”

“Nothing compares to the Fearless Living material…”

Along with embodying the 8 skills to be a great Life Coach, Bisi learned how to help people overcome their fears by using the Wheel of Fear. 

Through LCCP, Bisi discovered how people are trapped by fear. And she learned what they can do to break free from fear and live a life of freedom and authenticity. 

This was tremendously valuable for her clients. Everyone has fear, so Bisi found she could use The Wheel of Fear with anyone who came to her.

Bisi even learned how to use The Wheel of Fear on herself.

For example, Bisi used to be afraid to promote herself. But using the Wheel of Fear, she was able to step out of that fear and attract great clients. 

“The Wheel of Fear is always helpful. It’s helpful to me all day every day. And it’s helpful to my clients all day every day…

It’s incredible how fast you can get on the Wheel of Fear. Yet as soon as you realize it, it’s easy to get off.”

Bisi shares how The Wheel of Fear helps her every day.

“I was scared out of my mind…”

Rhonda’s Life Coaching Certification Program also gave Bisi clients to practice on.

At first, Bisi was terrified. She now had this powerful framework on how to coach people. So she felt a massive responsibility to change their lives.

There were times Bisi lost confidence and thought she wouldn’t be able to help people. What got her through those moments was the support from her mentor and the LCCP community.

On their one-on-one mentoring calls, Bisi’s mentor used the coaching skill of “Speak as if they can” with Bisi. This helped Bisi build her confidence and trust herself. Through this support, Bisi stepped into a stronger version of herself.

“The support from the community was incredible — it was like no other. And the support from my mentor was priceless.”

Bisi shares how her LCCP mentor and community helped her.

“That conversation transformed everything…”

Thanks to the skills, tools, and support Bisi got through LCCP, she started to get incredible results for clients.

For example, one client came to Bisi because she felt stuck in her job. Using the coaching skills and The Wheel of Fear, Bisi helped her have a major breakthrough. Her client learned to stop being a victim and take control of her life. This led her to feel more confident and speak up at work. 

As a result, this woman’s co-workers respected her more. And the CFO asked her at every meeting because he valued her opinion.

Bisi even helped people transform their lives through casual conversations. For example, one of Bisi’s friends struggled with his weight for years. During lunch one day, Bisi shared a tool she learned through LCCP she thought would help him. A few months later, he told Bisi that he lost 50 pounds doing what she said.

“He said, “That conversation you had with me transformed everything.” He lost 50lbs… I was floored.”

Bisi shares the result she’s helped people achieve.

“This is what I’m meant to do…”

Bisi completed LCCP in 2016. She continued to work at her corporate job and did life coaching on the side.

She realized that her finance job left her drained. But Life Coaching always left her feeling energized.

She wanted to move into coaching full-time. At first, she tried to change her role in her company so she could coach people there. But her company said no. So in May 2018, she left her corporate job to become a full-time life coach.

“Each time it was time to coach a client, I had renewed energy. It confirmed to me this is what I’m meant to do.”

Bisi’s Tedx talk on building confidence.

“My brother was in the hospital, and it was bad…”

After a few weeks after leaving her job, Bisi got a call. Her brother was in the hospital, and his condition was bad.

Since Bisi was no longer tied down by a corporate job, she flew to Georgia to be with her brother. 

She found the skills and tools she learned inside LCCP to be incredibly valuable in the hospital. Bisi was able to advocate for her brother to make sure he got the care he needed. And she was able to have difficult but necessary conversations with doctors and nurses. 

Because of her efforts, her brother made it through.

“In the hospital, I utilized the fearless living tools to advocate for my brother’s health… If I wasn’t armed with these tools, he wouldn’t be here today.”

Bisi shares how the skills she learned in LCCP helped save her brother.

“I had my first 5-figure month…”

Once her brother recovered, Bisi focused on growing her coaching practice.

She got clients through Facebook, LinkedIn, webinars, and local networking events.

She had also given a TEDx talk. And she was invited to speak at workshops around the country and in India.

As her client base grew, so did her income. By November 2019, Bisi earned 5-figures in one month with her coaching.

Best of all, she didn’t have to slog away for 10 hours a day to make that money. Because life coaching allows her to control her schedule. And there’s no commute. So Bisi can make that money while having relaxing mornings and doing work that lights her up. 

“I start my day at 10 am, and it’s at my own pace. It’s easier.”

Bisi shares how her life changed from LCCP.

“I’m instilling [these skills] into my nieces and nephews…”

Today, Bisi is looking to expand her impact even more.

She recently launched her first group coaching program with five women.

And she looks forward to bringing this work to Nigeria — where her family is from. Because she sees it as a way to help people escape the cycle of poverty and struggle many of them are stuck in. 

Bisi is also excited to share these skills and tools with friends and family. Bisi knows what she learned through LCCP will be incredibly valuable in helping her nieces and nephews live authentic, fearless lives.

“The return on investment isn’t where we work together doing the Fearless Living work… It’s in the next 4 years… 40 years… it’s generations to come…

The skills I have I’m instilling into my nieces and nephews… And they’re going to instill it on their next generations…”

Bisi and her niece.

Bisi shares the massive impact you can make by becoming a Fearless Living Life Coach

Ready to become a Certified Life Coach?

Through LCCP, Bisi got the skills, support, and experience to become a highly-effective Life Coach. And this gave her the freedom to create a career and life she loves. 

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