Are you meant to be a life coach?

How A Photographer Found Her Purpose By Combining Her Career With Life Coaching


Laurie Marie was a professional photographer who no longer felt passionate about her work. She wanted to help people in a deeper, more meaningful way but didn’t know how to do it.

Using Rhonda Britten’s Life Coaching Certification Program

She worked through her own fears and trauma while developing the skills to help others do the same. 


Laurie discovered how to blend Life Coaching and photography. It allows her to have a more meaningful impact on her clients and re-invigorated her passion for her career. 

“I felt this desire to do more…”

Laurie Marie was a successful freelance photographer. But after ten years of this work, she no longer felt inspired by it.

She wanted to make a bigger, more meaningful impact. But she didn’t know what that would look like. As she says:

“One summer day, I was walking to the market thinking I wanted to do more and help more [people], but I didn’t really know [how]…”

Laurie shares what led her to become a Life Coach.

“I wanted something legitimate…”

Laurie began to search for a way to contribute more to the world. This led her to discover Life Coaching.

She didn’t know anything about Life Coaching at first. But the more she learned about it, the more she felt it was the right thing for her to do.

So she began to look for programs she could join. Most of the ones she saw promised “quick and easy” certifications you could earn in a weekend.

But Laurie didn’t want “quick and easy.” For her, it was important to develop the skills to become a great Life Coach so she could make meaningful changes in people’s lives.

Then, she found Rhonda Britten’s Life Coaching Certification Program — or LCCP. Right away, she knew it was for her.

Because this 9-month program included three live workshops, bi-weekly one-on-one mentor calls, and clients for her to practice on. During all this, she’d also learn proven Life Coaching methods like the Wheel of Fear and the 8 Coaching Skills to help her make real change in people’s lives.

The rigorous training proved to Laurie that this program was legit. So she decided to join.

“Everything I read [about Rhonda’s program] felt like a wholehearted “Yes!”

Laurie shares why she chose to join LCCP

“Through the program, I healed my trauma…”

LCCP taught Laurie the skills and tools to become a great Life Coach.

But before she used them on clients, she learned how to use them on herself.

For example, Laurie had an incredibly traumatic experience in her early 20’s. She was sexually assaulted. And the pain from this event stuck with her for years.

She gained over 100lbs over the course of a year. She started to hate her body and herself. And even after years of therapy, she still carried the pain and anger from this incident with her.

But LCCP gave her the skills and tools to work through it. She learned how to “own her story” rather than letting it own her. And she began to love and accept herself again.

“Through the program… I healed my own trauma. I learned how to become my own Life Coach… I learned how to process my own stuff… and I have the tools and skills to work through things on my own.”

Laurie’s website,

Laurie shares the “pivotal moment” where she learned to accept herself.

“It made me a better human…”

As she worked through her own trauma, Laurie was given clients to practice on.

The practice clients she got through LCCP helped her hone her skills. Especially because not all of them were easy to work with. Some proved challenging and would do things like ignore the homework Laurie assigned.

When her clients were difficult, Laurie was able to turn to her mentor and the LCCP community for support. They taught her how to handle difficult clients by releasing her own judgment and expectations. And she learned how to listen with compassion and help her clients work through their fears.

Having a safe space to practice with tough clients helped Laurie hone her skills fast. And these skills ended up having a big impact on her life. Because learning how to handle difficult clients also helped her handle difficult people and conversations in everyday life.

“The study clients prepared and supported me to learn how to become a coach… It made me a better human, a better coach, a better partner, a better daughter… it affected my entire life.”

Laure shares the importance of having tough clients to practice on.

“She talked me off the ledge…”

Despite all the progress Laurie made, her journey wasn’t always easy.

The program pushed her and challenged her. There were times she doubted she would ever be a good Life Coach. And she worried this whole journey was a waste of time. This led to several “dark nights of the soul,” where she wanted to give it all up and quit.

When that happened, she again turned to the LCCP community and her mentor for help. They supported her and helped her stay on track.

You constantly have accountability and support, along with mentorship… My mentor was amazing… There were times I wanted to quit and she talked me out of it… and I could get support from the community anytime I needed it.”

Laurie shares why it’s important to have a mentor and not quit.

“I combined Life Coaching and photography…”

After graduating from the program, Laurie began to look for ways to combine her photography and Life Coaching skills.

This wasn’t immediately clear. But over time, she found a way to do it.

Laurie always loved to support female entrepreneurs. And she realized she could combine her skills to help them thrive in their careers.

For example, one woman came to Laurie for headshots for her business.

The woman said she wanted to come across as confident and sexy. But Laurie noticed that the clothes she brought weren’t in alignment with how she said she wanted to feel.

Laurie used her life coaching skills to help her client overcome the fear she had around expressing her true self. She even took her client to Target and personally styled her before the shoot and the client transformed right before her eyes.

Her client radiated a confidence that came across in her photos. And she left with a newfound fearlessness she carried into her business.

“I learned how to combine Life Coaching and photography… all this taught me how to show up and support women in a powerful way.”

Photo Laurie took of a client.

Laurie shares how she combined Life Coaching with photography.

“Life Coaching can be fun and playful…”

When she first started to learn about Life Coaching, Laurie thought it had to look a certain way. But she learned she could apply her skills anywhere with anyone — whether she was at a photoshoot with a client or dinner with a friend.

She also discovered how fun Life Coaching could be. She used to see it as very serious work. But through this journey, she realized she could relax, enjoy herself and let her personality shine.

“When I first started coaching I thought it had to look a certain way… But I learned coaching can be anything… you can have people over for dinner and make them glorious food and coach in that scenario.

And it doesn’t need to be serious… It can be fun and playful. And sometimes that’s necessary.”

Laurie shares the importance of having fun while coaching.

“It lights me up…”

Laurie loves to help women overcome the fears and struggles she used to face. And the skills, tools, and techniques she learned through LCCP help her do exactly that.

But Laurie is so passionate about what she does that she wants to make an even bigger impact. So she started a podcast where women share their stories of how they overcame painful experiences and found their purpose.

This helped her find even more meaning in her life.

“Seeing women thrive lights me up because I know what it’s like to feel like you’re not enough, and you’re trapped in a situation because of finances or whatever reason…

We experience [struggles] so we can overcome them and help others do the same.”

Laurie’s podcast, Seeing Beauty Sessions.

Laurie shares how she helps women overcome the struggles she faced.

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