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We are a boutique Life Coach training school carefully crafted to start and maintain your successful coaching business.

Our next class begins March 27, 2017.

“Are you ready to leap towards a life that you love? Well you’re in the right place!”

Larissa Jaye
Director of Certifications
Master Certified Fearless Living Coach
LCCP Mentor Coach

Who we are

Our Life Coach Certification Program (LCCP) is a transformational 12-month program that has been thoughtfully developed to provide you with all of the tools, skills, and individualized support that you need to start and grow a successful career in Life Coaching – no matter what your focus area turns out to be.

What we do

Building Your Toolbox

Fear is the number-one thing that stops people from trusting their decisions and taking the actions that can turn their dreams into reality. In Phase One of the LCCP, you’ll uncover the hidden fears that have likely been holding you back in all areas of your life, as you get a firsthand experience of the work that your future clients will take on. We think it’s important that all of our Coaches “walk the talk” – so we make sure that you learn how to master your own fears while you’re learning to empower your clients to do the same.

Growing Your Skills

We are fanatical about coaching skills. That’s why we devote three days in person to giving you a mega-boost of experiential learning, as we teach you the eight most important skills that you’ll need to be a top-notch Coach in the world of Fearless Living. In Phase Two, you’ll feel the rubber hit the road as you combine new knowledge with Mentor support to start practicing with your Study Clients. Sound scary? Don’t worry – you’ll have the opportunity to refine your techniques as you accumulate a minimum of 75 Study Client hours before you graduate!

Owning Your Business

What kind of coaching practice will work best for you? How will you decide to express your passion, and build your roster of clients? In Phase Three, you may choose to facilitate a Fearless Book Group, or give an Intro Talk, or become an expert at one-on-one sales conversations. All of this and more is included in your tuition. When you graduate, you’ll have both the confidence and the business plan needed to earn the income you want – on whatever schedule you choose. You’ll be ready for a career based on your most fearless self!

Why it works


Exclusive Proprietary Coaching Model

Fear is a trickster, insidious and invisible. Whether you know it or not, fear is at the root of almost every challenge that keeps you safe, small, and stuck. That’s right – fear is everywhere. And yet the LCCP is the only coach training program around that focuses on giving you and your clients the skills to master it.

In the face of unimaginable tragedy, our fearless founder Rhonda Britten created a unique methodology of coaching while on a mission to save her own life. Packed with practical tools – yet grounded in the cognitive principles that are proven to alter neural pathways in the brain – Rhonda’s system cuts through false beliefs, negative thoughts, and the secret emotional fears that all human beings carry around on a daily basis.

Result? True freedom: Confidence, connection to yourself and others, and deeper trust in your intuition. That means no more fear stopping you – or your clients.


12 Months of One-on-One Mentoring

In the LCCP, it’s our top priority to make sure that you graduate as the best Coach that you can be.

And we believe that no one can learn how to be an effective Coach without a Mentor on hand to provide personalized feedback and guidance every step of the way. It’s the only real way to learn HOW to coach – especially as you’re starting to work with real live clients! For that reason, we give you 12 full months of one-on-one mentoring, with a Mentor Coach who is a master at coaching the work of Fearless Living.

In fact, we are the only known coaching program in the world that matches you with a Mentor who is specially selected to work with you on your unique strengths, challenges, and goals – and who is there to stand beside you throughout your entire time in the program. Way beyond just connecting with your clients, this is how you’ll learn to do the deep sacred work required for creating radical and fulfilling change.


Hybrid Learning Environment

As you’ll find out from the start, our abundant excitement for training coaches is paralleled only by the wealth of knowledge and resources that we have to give our Program Candidates.

The LCCP is loaded with all kinds of fearless goodness – enough to satiate you as a student, and keep you growing well past graduation too. Since we know that the most solid type of education is built through reinforcement from all angles, we purposefully work to stimulate your brain via various modalities of learning.

Whether you’re listening to an audio class from the Resource Center, reading one of Rhonda’s books, sharing your insights on a live PC Community Call, watching an online video for homework, collaborating on a Coaching Scenario, coaching your Study Client, typing up a Session Summary, working with your Mentor, or experiencing an immersive three-day event like the Fearless Foundation Workshop…we’ve got you covered for maximum integration.


Community Love and Support

Get ready, because you’re gonna be loved up big around here. Yup – we said it, and we mean it: LOVED. UP. BIG. And supported too – probably like never before! Can you imagine a whole tribe of coaches cheering you on at every turn?

At the Fearless Living Institute, the strength of our community is utmost in our personality profile. We wholeheartedly align with the idea that “no one can be fearless alone” – so we make sure that you never need to give a second thought to your support system when it comes to the LCCP.

Beyond your Mentor, we assign you a peer Powerful Partner and Power Team, plus a Big Bird – a recent LCCP graduate who has a passion for helping Little Birds like you best learn how to “FLI”. Additionally, we offer many other virtual and in-person opportunities that foster fearless connections among our students and administrators alike – including our annual FLI Coaches’ Retreat, our biggest gathering of the year!

Real Results

Explore the journeys of our Certified Fearless Living Coaches…

“I really can’t emphasize enough the structure and the community that comes with this program. They literally guide you from step to step through the program. It’s thoughtfully and carefully coordinated.”


“I am confident in my coaching because I offer unique skills and tools that no other coaching program offers. And the proof is in the pudding. I am watching my clients grow and change faster than even I thought was possible. I get to witness that Every. Single. Week.”


“I really wanted something rigorous, something that would challenge me as a learner it felt like I was going to university, that I was taking an advanced program that would allow me to have the experience to really become a Coach.”


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Let’s Go!

Want to become a
Certified Life Coach?

Your past does not dictate your future. Who you’ve been has little to do with who you’re becoming. Your journey starts by scheduling a call with one of our Admissions Associates, who are all Certified Fearless Living Coaches themselves.

Our next Class begins March 27, 2017!

Let’s Go!

Want to become a
Certified Life Coach?

Your past does not dictate your future. Who you’ve been has little to do with who you’re becoming. Your journey starts by scheduling a call with one of our Admissions Associates, who are all Certified Fearless Living Coaches themselves.